Jake Miller, American rapper and songwriter, has joined truth and DoSomething.org (one of the largest organizations for young people and social change) in championing a commonly unrecognized problem – cigarette butts. In a Public Service Announcement supporting the joint Get the Filter Out (GTFO) campaign, Miller talks about how harmful cigarette butts are for the wildlife and the environment.  

Jake Miller GTFO PSA

GTFO is engaging youth nationwide in help clean up the most littered thing on earth – cigarette butts. Launched by a partnership between truth and DoSomething.org (a nonprofit that targets youth volunteers and activists), the campaign offers free clean-up kits for cigarette butts cluttering the streets. For signing up, the participant also gets entry into a contest to win a $10,000 DoSomething.org scholarship. The campaign ends October 31st.

Miller stresses that GTFO offers another way for his fans to creatively join, support, and make an impact on the tobacco issue – working toward the goal of being the generation to #FinishIt altogether.

Sign up to help Get The Filter Out here.


  • Cigarettes

    Cigarettes are the most littered item on earth.

  • 1.69

    1.69 billion pounds of butts end up as waste each year.

  • One

    One tree is killed for just 15 packs of cigarettes.

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