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Flavored Tobacco Policy Resources

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Why flavored tobacco is an important issue

Flavors play an important role in addicting youth and young adults to tobacco products. Flavored products are easier to start and more difficult to quit. While the Food and Drug Administration could remove flavored tobacco products, it has not taken action. However, not wanting to wait for federal action to protect their citizens, many states and localities across the country enacted restrictions on the sale of flavored tobacco products. This flavored tobacco resource center provides information that advances the science and shares the experiences of cities that took action to implement flavored tobacco policy restrictions and their impact.

The state of US flavor policies

Sales restrictions on all flavored tobacco products, including all types of menthol products, are gaining momentum at the local and state level. By the end of December 2021, 353 localities and three Native American tribes have placed some type of restriction on flavored tobacco products and, of those, 100 have fully comprehensive policies that prohibit sales of all types of flavors across all products, including menthol/mint/wintergreen tobacco products that are sometimes exempted from flavor policies, at all retailers.

Flavors Policy Map Q4 2021

This resource presents a quarterly breakdown on the current state of U.S. jurisdictions with policies on flavored tobacco products.

*Updated April 2022

Our latest work on flavors

Truth Initiative focuses significant research, education and engagement efforts on flavored tobacco products, including developing reports and resources on the impact of these products, conducting prevention campaigns and community outreach and calling on the Food and Drug Administration to take needed actions to protect youth.

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