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What is the Impact Series?

The Truth Initiative Impact Series is a robust, recurring event that brings together key stakeholders and experts to engage in thought-provoking conversations about ways we can innovate and inspire action to achieve a culture where young people reject smoking, vaping and nicotine. The goal of this thought leadership series is to convene diverse partners in commercial tobacco control and other public health organizations, parents, teachers, and policy makers, who can benefit from Truth Initiative's work.

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Featured Event

Gamechanger: Shifting from tobacco control to ending the industry's influence for good

July 12, 2023

This Truth Initiative Impact Series will discuss the potential of the endgame movement, recent domestic and global successes, and how to advance future efforts.

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Past Events

Tobacco-free screens: Changing the picture on the tobacco industry’s influence in popular entertainment

April 4, 2023

This Truth Initiative Impact Series will explore the issue of tobacco prevalence in popular entertainment and how individuals in the entertainment industry can work to change the picture.

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A Conversation with FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products Director Dr. Brian King and Truth Initiative CEO and President Robin Koval

November 8, 2022

Join Truth Initiative for a virtual discussion and Q&A with the Director of FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products on the Center’s vision for the regulation of tobacco products.

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Undermining Scientific Integrity: The Tobacco Industry’s Renewed Attack on Research and Reality

October 25, 2022

Join Truth Initiative for a virtual discussion about how researchers, scientific journals, media publications and regulatory agencies can protect the integrity of credible public health research.

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Nicotine Nation: How The Tobacco Industry May Be Addicting a New Generation and Keeping Americans Hooked

May 12, 2022

The proliferation of new tobacco products in society threaten to reverse years of progress made toward ending nicotine addiction. This Truth Initiative Impact Series will explore the evolution of Big Tobacco into Big Nicotine.

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Vaping: Know the Truth – Empowering Students with the Facts on E-cigarettes & Tools to Quit

December 9, 2021

Join Truth Initiative for a virtual discussion about how educators can empower students with the facts on the health risks of e-cigarettes and nicotine use, and help those who are already vaping to quit.

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Thrive: A Youth Mental-Health Summit

October 13, 2021

Join Truth Initiative for “Exposing Vaping as a Mental Health Issue,” a rebroadcast of our panel at The Atlantic Festival that draws awareness to the connection between nicotine use and the worsening youth mental health crisis. In this latest Impact Series event, Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and former vaper turned activist Daniel Ament join Truth Initiative® CEO and President Robin Koval to highlight well-established research that shows nicotine both harms developing brains and can negatively affect mental health by worsening symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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Unvaping America's Youth

July 13, 2021

In this latest Impact Series event, “Unvaping America’s Youth,” we explore our holistic approach to reverse the epidemic, including the important role of parents and educators, and hear real-life stories about what it’s like to vape and quit e-cigarettes today. We also spotlight results of a new clinical trial, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, that demonstrates the effectiveness of the free and anonymous text message program This is Quitting and begins to fill an important gap in understanding how to help young people quit.

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Not Buying It: The Tobacco Industry's Rebrand

June 10, 2021

Join Truth Initiative for a virtual discussion on the tobacco industry’s efforts to rebrand itself as a part of the public health solution while putting a new generation at risk for nicotine addiction. We’ll break down the industry’s influence and unpack how individuals and businesses alike can negate these efforts by protecting their platforms.

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