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Corporate tobacco cessation programs

The EX® Program

The EX Program is the best strategic partner for employers and health plans to end smoking, vaping, and nicotine use. Developed with Mayo Clinic, the EX Program by Truth Initiative is a digital commercial tobacco cessation solution that applies evidence-based approaches to achieve positive health outcomes.

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What makes the EX Program different:

  • Unrivaled scientific leadership

Clients get the best of the best: Since 2008, EX has collaborated with the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center. Together, we bring you the best evidence-based quitting approaches and the most established online quit community.

  • Trailblazing addiction treatment

Our program blends innovative, effective approaches to set new standards for nicotine addiction treatment. We leverage the latest technology, advanced data analytics, and a deep understanding of today’s tobacco users to deliver meaningful outcomes.

  • Real-time data at the fingertips

Real-time dashboards give anytime visibility into program performance and drive our year-round recommendations to reach client goals. Comprehensive reporting on promotions shows clients which tactics work best with their people.

  • Customized expert guidance

Our experts guide clients on tobacco surcharge best practices, benefit integration, vendor change, proactive year-round promotions, seamless handling of eligibility files, and more.

Participants receive a personalized quit plan, live chat coaching via the web or app, an online community for social support, free quit medication, and dynamic text messaging tailored to their needs. 

Clients receive strategic guidance from a Client Success team for program design, tobacco surcharge approaches, tobacco-free policies, year-round promotions, and more.

See a short video case study of how B. Braun Medical used a robust tobacco-free policy, comprehensive communications, personalized nudges, and a tobacco surcharge to enroll more than 90% of employees who attested to tobacco use.

The EX Program qualifies as a reasonable alternative standard for organizations that use incentives or surcharges to motivate individuals to quit.

If you are a wellbeing vendor, EAP, or other benefits organization, partner with the EX Program to differentiate your tobacco cessation program with innovative digital tools as a value add for your clients

We’re proud to report on the progress we’ve made toward a future where commercial tobacco use and nicotine addiction are things of the past.

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The Master Settlement Agreement changed the face of tobacco control in America.

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