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  1. Report Report Research & Resources

    Local restrictions on flavored tobacco and e-cigarette products

    This resource presents a quarterly breakdown on the current state of U.S. jurisdictions with policies on flavored tobacco and e-cigarette products.

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    New study: Price increases can reduce underage e-cigarette use

    Higher e-cigarette prices and taxes can reduce the number of days teens use e-cigarettes and decrease current e-cigarette use

  3. News Article News Article Research & Resources

    Netflix streams 1.1 billion minutes of tobacco-related imagery in newest season of F1 racing show

    F1 and its tobacco industry sponsors are now reaching new audiences, made possible by the Netflix docu-series “Drive to Survive.”

  4. News Article News Article Research & Resources

    Old tactics, new products: how big tobacco targets women in e-cigarette marketing

    The tobacco industry’s aggressive targeting of women – in addition to young people, Black Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ individ

  5. News Article News Article Research & Resources

    3 important things to know about quitting nicotine during times of stress

    Nicotine use – whether through smoking or vaping – can increase stress levels, and quitting nicotine can improve mental health.

  6. FDA’s Latest Marketing Denial Order for Menthol E-Cigarette Products Underscores Its Continued Commitment to Sound Science

    Truth Initiative applauds the FDA latest announcement issuing market denial orders (MDOs) for two menthol e-cigarette products

  7. News Article News Article Research & Resources

    4 ways the entertainment industry can protect young viewers and combat youth nicotine addiction

    The youth vaping crisis must be confronted, and the entertainment industry has the power to change the picture for good.

  8. Research Article Research Article Research & Resources

    E-cigarette products sold on the market quadruple in just one year

    The number of unique e-cigarette products, many of which come in youth-appealing flavors, more than quadrupled from 453 in June 2021 to 2,023 in June 2022

  9. News Article News Article Research & Resources

    Cigarettes are still a popular on-screen prop – and it’s fueling youth nicotine addiction

    Cigarettes remain a popular prop even as peer-reviewed research finds that smoking images influence young people to start using tobacco products.

  10. News Article News Article Research & Resources

    Tobacco imagery featured in more Oscar-nominated movies this year, including 70% of Best Picture nominees

    Seven of the 10 films nominated for Best Picture at the 2023 Oscars and nearly two-thirds (64.1%) of all this year’s Oscar-nominated feature films contain to

  11. New report shows tobacco imagery continues to influence youth vaping initiation through on-screen entertainment most popular among 15- to 24-year-olds

    Truth Initiative’s annual “While You Were Streaming” study illustrates impact of troubling trend on youth e-cigarette public health crisis

  12. Report Report Research & Resources

    Tobacco’s starring role

    Tobacco imagery maintained its recurring and often starring role in popular on-screen entertainment in 2021