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    What should educators do if they catch students vaping at school?

    Here are suggestions for how best to address student tobacco use in school.

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    How the tobacco industry markets vaping nicotine as stress relief

    Some vape manufacturers are using a similar strategy to market e-cigarettes that tobacco companies used for decades to sell cigarettes: advertising them as s

  3. Significant Decline in E-cigarette Use Among High School Students Indicates Progress, Yet Challenges Persist in Youth Tobacco Prevention

    The release of the 2023 National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) marks a notable achievement in the fight against youth tobacco use.

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    What does a tobacco “endgame” mean?

    Ending commercial tobacco use would require a huge societal shift, yet support for this vision is already gaining momentum

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    How does vaping nicotine impact sleep?

    The research shows that vaping nicotine is associated with sleep problems.

  6. Truth Initiative applauds FDA issuing marketing denial orders for flavored Vuse Alto products

    We applaud the FDA's decision to issue marketing denial orders for six R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company’s Vuse Alto brand flavored e-cigarette products

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    New study: Success of local flavored cigar sales restrictions underscores need for national regulations

    Flavored cigar sales restrictions in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York significantly reduced cigar sales, according to new Truth Initiative r

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    Why American Spirit cigarettes could be especially dangerous

    New research shows that cigarette pack design elements and descriptors continue to influence smokers.

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    New truth® campaign shows connection between nicotine dependence and "Toxic Therapy"

    truth® is teaming up with actor and comedian Chris Parnell in its latest effort, “Toxic Therapy from Your Vape.”

  10. Truth Initiative Launches Animated truth® Campaign: "Toxic Therapy from Your Vape" featuring Actor Chris Parnell to Address Alarming Connection between Vaping Nicotine and Youth Mental Health

    The campaign features Chris Parnell in an animated role as a vape-turned-faux therapist, shedding light on the misconception that vaping nicotine helps allev

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    The link between cannabis and tobacco

    This resource presents information about the current state of legalization and changing state laws regarding cannabis, the evolving product landscape, as wel

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    New youth prescription drug safety curriculum launches nationwide

    Prescription Drug Safety: Know the truth is a free digital course that guides teachers and educates youth about the dangers associated with misusing prescrip