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    A breath of fresh air: The immediate benefits of quitting smoking or vaping nicotine

    Learn about short- and long-term benefits of quitting smoking and vaping

  2. As Teen Smoking Rate Hits Historic Low, Youth Tobacco Use Hits Record High Derailing Years of Progress and Putting a New Generation at Risk

    The youth smoking rate has fallen to just 3.7%, but e-cigarettes have put millions of teens on a path to nicotine addiction with a largely unregulated produc

  3. FDA Puts Kids, Public Health at Risk by Allowing Philip Morris to Market IQOS Heated Cigarette as Modified Risk Tobacco Product

    Setting a dangerous precedent that puts public health at risk the FDA authorized the marketing of Philip Morris’ IQOS heated cigarette as a “modified risk to

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    Smoking in Films: 2022

    The film industry continues to make marginal progress over the decades toward eliminating the number of films released containing tobacco

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    Is that video game a health risk? 3 things parents should know

    Some video games topping this year’s holiday wish lists contain imagery that could be putting the health of young people at risk.

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    Vaping multiplies risk of COVID-19 in teens and young adults

    Young people who had ever used e-cigarettes were five times more likely to be diagnosed with COVID-19 than those who hadn’t vaped.

  7. The JUUL/Altria partnership puts nation's public health at greater risk

    The FDA must use its full authority to stop the youth e-cigarette epidemic in the U.S.

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    While less harmful than cigarettes, e-cigarettes pose several risks

    A recent review of e-cigarette science by the European Public Health Association finds that e-cigarettes should not be considered safe.

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    Study highlights rapid transitions in hookah use and risk factors for experimentation

    This study examined correlates of hookah use and predictors of hookah trial at a six-month follow-up in a nationally representative, prospective sample of U.

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    Tobacco product displays shape teens' risk of future cigarette use

    The RAND Corporation studied teen smoking attitudes in a replica of a convenience store to test whether limiting displays of cigarettes and other tobacco pro

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    What’s the harm in hookah? How risk misperceptions relate to rising use

    People who think of hookah as less harmful than cigarettes are more likely to use it now and in the future.

  12. FDA takes steps on flavored e-cigarettes, but leaves youth at risk for addiction

    Proposed FDA restrictions on flavored e-cigarettes and cigars are a step in the right direction, but they’re no match for the soaring rate of e-cigarette use