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  1. Trump Administration Must Put Kids Before Juul and Take Mint/Menthol E-Cigarettes Off the Market

    A failure to remove mint and menthol e-cigarettes from the market would be a capitulation to Juul and other companies that created the worsening youth e-ciga

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    JUUL use doubles in one year, driving ’unprecedented increase’ in tobacco use among young people

    The percentage of young people aged 15-34 who have ever used JUUL more than doubled between 2018 and 2019, signaling an alarming increase in use frequency.

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    Is your kid using JUUL or another e-cigarette? Here’s how you can help them quit

    If your child is one of the 3 million+ youth using e-cigarettes, like JUUL, they’re at risk for nicotine addiction, but there are ways to help.

  4. New study reveals teens 16 times more likely to use JUUL than older age groups

    A first-of-its-kind study explores the rates and characteristics of JUUL use.

  5. Truth Initiative Applauds Landmark Multistate JUUL Settlement and Encourages States to Utilize Proven-Effective Programs to Accelerate Progress to End Youth E-Cigarette Crisis

    Truth Initiative commends the attorneys general of six states and the District of Columbia for their bold leadership resulting in the largest settlement agai

  6. New TikTok challenge kicks off national truth® campaign underscoring young people’s desire to ditch JUUL and quit vaping

    truth is launching its latest youth e-cigarette education campaign, “Ready to Ditch JUUL.”

  7. Multi-million-dollar JUUL settlement for igniting youth e-cigarette epidemic is an opportunity to accelerate progress to end youth vaping through proven-effective youth prevention education and quitting programs

    With this imminent major victory against JUUL, there is a tremendous opportunity to accelerate and amplify successes like these through the deployment of pro

  8. New Truth Initiative Study Finds JUUL Use Doubled in One Year as Tobacco and Nicotine Use Among Youth Reaches Highest Level in Decades

    The percentage of teens and young adults aged 15-34 who have ever used JUUL more than doubled between 2018 and 2019, according to a new study published in JA

  9. FDA’s decision to deny JUUL marketing authorization is a major public health victory; but swift action on other leading brands must be taken as new data shows youth e-cigarette initiation continues

    Today’s announcement by the FDA to deny marketing authorizations for all JUUL e-cigarettes, thereby making them an illegally marketed product, is a huge publ

  10. Altria/JUUL deal puts youth e-cigarette users at greater risk given Big Tobacco's track record

    The deal comes just days after the U.S. surgeon general declared youth e-cigarette use a public health epidemic.

  11. The JUUL/Altria partnership puts nation's public health at greater risk

    The FDA must use its full authority to stop the youth e-cigarette epidemic in the U.S.

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