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Our Team

Board of Directors

The board of directors, an independent body, oversees Truth Initiative work to seek, speak and spread the truth about tobacco through education, tobacco control research and policy studies, community activism and engagement and innovation in tobacco dependence treatment.

Our Staff

More than 140 talented individuals work at Truth Initiative, contributing their expertise in research, marketing, policy, law, communications, community engagement, product development and operations to our mission. Meet some of the senior members of our team.

Christy Hartsell

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships & Co-Marketing

Truth Initiative

Megan Jacobs

Vice President of Product, Innovations

Truth Initiative

Christine Kunigonis

Senior Vice President, Finance and Investments

Truth Initiative

RG Logan

Senior Vice President of Strategy, Marketing

Truth Initiative

Tina M. Morgan

Vice President, Sponsorships, Events and Organizational Culture, Communications

Truth Initiative

Alex Parks

Vice President of Strategic Partners & Programs, Community and Youth Engagement

Truth Initiative

Jessica Miller Rath

Vice President

Truth Initiative Schroeder Institute®

Sarah Shank

Vice President, Communications

Truth Initiative

Tia Taffer

Vice President, Digital Engagement Marketing

Truth Initiative

Addisu Turi

Senior Vice President, Information Systems

Truth Initiative

Lisa A. Watkins

Vice President, Reporting and Compliance

Truth Initiative