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    Elf Bar, Hyde, and Breeze – what you need to know about the rise in disposable e-cigarettes

    … has shown that early age of smoking and pleasurable initial …

  2. First-of-its-Kind truth® Campaign Follows Young Vapers Quit E-Cigarettes Live on Social Media

    … and nationally recognized youth smoking, vaping and nicotine …

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    Why the FDA needs to regulate e-cigarettes now

    As the tally of vaping-related deaths and cases of severe lung illness rises, youth e-cigarette use continues its rapid growth — 27.5% of high schoolers are

  4. Research Article Research Article Research & Resources

    Quit vaping program sees high enrollment and engagement, as thousands seek help amid youth e-cigarette use epidemic

    More than 27,000 teens and young adults enrolled in a first-of-its-kind quit vaping program within just five weeks after its launch.

  5. This is Quitting from truth reaches milestone of helping half a million young people overcome nicotine addiction

    This is Quitting from truth has reached a milestone of helping more than 500,000 youth and young adults quit vaping nicotine.

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    Breath of Stress Air is calling a vape what it truly is

    … Use and Stress As quitting smoking is linked with lower levels …

  7. truth debunks myth that vaping nicotine relieves stress

    The new Breath of Stress Air effort busts the fantasy that vaping nicotine is a stress reliever and calls the tobacco industry out for promoting e-cigarettes

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    Action needed: Tobacco and pharmacies

    … had aided patients in quitting smoking and other forms of tobacco, …