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    Teens are 16 times more likely to use JUUL than older age groups

    While the maker of the e-cigarette JUUL claims it is “only for adults,” teenagers are more likely to use the device than older age groups.

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    JUUL use doubles in one year, driving ’unprecedented increase’ in tobacco use among young people

    The percentage of young people aged 15-34 who have ever used JUUL more than doubled between 2018 and 2019, signaling an alarming increase in use frequency.

  3. Our Team

    Amanda L. Graham

    … Is Quitting , a first-of-its-kind quit vaping program for teens and young … a thought leader in web and mobile quit-smoking interventions and online …

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    3 tips for boosting success with an online quit-smoking program

    As more smokers turn to the internet for help to quit, they can increase their chances of success with a few tips for making the most of online tools and res

  5. FDA takes steps on flavored e-cigarettes, but leaves youth at risk for addiction

    Proposed FDA restrictions on flavored e-cigarettes and cigars are a step in the right direction, but they’re no match for the soaring rate of e-cigarette use

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    Common smoking triggers and how to beat them

    For smokers preparing to quit, figuring out how to deal with triggers is one of the first steps to successfully making a plan to quit.

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    3 ways JUUL harms the environment

    As sales of JUUL skyrocket alongside surging youth e-cigarette use, the risks e-cigarettes pose to the environment will only grow.

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    Answers to 8 common questions about smoking and pregnancy

    Quitting tobacco is one of the best things that expecting mothers can do for their health and the health of their babies.

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    2020 class of truth Ambassadors launch community projects

    Eleven young leaders from across the country are designing and executing local projects to inspire tobacco-free communities as the newest class of truth Amba

  10. FDA must stop sales of all flavored products and restrict marketing and sales to protect kids

    It is a positive step that the FDA recognizes the critical role flavors play in the skyrocketing youth use of e-cigarettes and is planning action to reduce t

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    Using e-cigarettes increases likelihood of using cigarettes among youth, study finds

    A new study finds that e-cigarettes are acting as entry nicotine products that may lead to the use of more harmful and toxic nicotine products.

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    4 Keys to Successfully Engaging Tobacco Users in Cessation at Shape Corp.

    Best Practice Example of Inspiring Tobacco-free Lives with The EX Program