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    E-cigarettes: Facts, stats and regulations

    … E-cigarettes / Vaping Flavors IQOS JUUL e-cigarettes the truth about … pre-filled pod systems like JUUL, refillable systems like Suorin … batteries. The most popular, JUUL, is a pre-filled pod system …

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    Spinning a new tobacco industry: How Big Tobacco is trying to sell a do-gooder image and what Americans think about it

    … part by Big Tobacco. This includes JUUL — the leading e-cigarette … invested a $12.8 billion stake in JUUL Labs, maker of the top-selling … Altria executive was announced as JUUL’s new CEO. This investment and …

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    How to quit vaping – or help someone quit – during the coronavirus pandemic

    … as part of the “Ready to Ditch JUUL” campaign , launched a new … help during this time: How to quit JUUL: For those who want to quit JUUL, or any type of e-cigarette, the …

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    Most JUUL-related Instagram posts appeal to youth culture and lifestyles, study finds

    … Most JUUL-related Instagram posts appeal … ArticleEmerging Tobacco Products JUUL An Instagram post shows “Toy … holding the popular e-cigarette JUUL with a caption about the effects …

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    E-cigarette users look to social media to circumvent flavored e-cigarette restrictions

    … availability of many flavors of JUUL and other flavored pod-based … that were compatible with JUUL, showing how users easily seek … flip flops on removing JUUL from the market and young people …

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    Dangerous loopholes: Young e-cigarette users report swapping products as vaping policies change

    … Products E-cigarettes / Vaping JUUL In the months following the removal of certain flavors of JUUL, the popular brand at the center … “closed pod” e-cigarettes, like JUUL, and exempts other types, …

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    What are Puff Bars?

    … Bars mimic the massively popular JUUL and its many copycat e-cigarette … e-liquid cartridges, like JUUL and its pods, and does not apply … have grown in popularity as JUUL halted sales of some sweet and …

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    Why the FDA needs to regulate e-cigarettes now

    … to quit , or not start using, JUUL, the most popular e-cigarette … mint and menthol flavors, which JUUL still sells in stores after … three favorite flavors among young JUUL users aged 12-24, meaning they …

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    The youth e-cigarette epidemic: 5 important things to know

    … E-cigarettes / Vaping Flavors JUUL e-cigarettes warner series After … The most popular e-cigarette, JUUL, has experienced explosive … market. While the maker of JUUL claims it is “only for adults,”  …

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    Why the rise in youth e-cigarette use may be worse than we think

    … person who says they “vape” or “JUUL” may not consider the products … consumption. 63 percent of JUUL users did not know that the … pens, e-hookahs or vaping pens.” JUUL  can now be added to the list. …

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    How to help your child quit vaping

    … make. Fueled by the popularity of JUUL and other e-cigarettes, tobacco … youth say they want to stop using JUUL and other e-cigarettes. A new … education campaign, Ready to Ditch JUUL , in partnership with TikTok …

  12. Health groups urge FDA to block sale of illegal JUUL-like e-cigarettes

    The FDA should to stop the sale of new e-cigarettes similar to JUUL that have been illegally introduced without the agency’s prior review and authorization.<