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    What are the long-term effects of vaping?

    … Products E-cigarettes / Vaping JUUL Here’s the truth: we don’t know … effects of e-cigarettes like JUUL, meaning the millions of young … reaching epidemic proportions.  JUUL , which accounts for …

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    Quitting e-cigarettes

    Truth Initiative has expanded its quit-smoking resources to include the first-of-its kind e-cigarette quit program.

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    High-nicotine e-cigarettes may reverse declines in youth tobacco use

    Without stronger regulation, e-cigarettes that can deliver nicotine at high levels could undo years of progress if young people become addicted to nicotine.<

  4. Youth Across America Rally Over Vaping Epidemic for truth® National Day of Action

    Youth activists are taking the #DITCHJUUL rally cry to their campuses and communities across the country, with more than 200 events happening this week.

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    Nearly half of young vapers resolve to quit e-cigarettes in 2020

    Many 15- to 24-year-olds who vape say quitting e-cigarettes is a 2020 resolution, according to a new survey.

  6. Swift action needed to address youth e-cigarette ‘epidemic’

    The FDA's plan to tackle the youth e-cigarette "epidemic" is a significant and much needed step, but they must take action quick to protect yo

  7. Monitoring the future reveals good and bad news underscoring need for education and regulation

    … electronic nicotine device called JUUL has become extremely popular … that 25 percent of 15-24-year-old JUUL users do not identify their … 63 percent of teen and young adult JUUL users are uncertain whether the …

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    E-cigarettes as accessories: How vaping companies market products as stylish

    … Today’s most popular e-cigarette,  JUUL , launched in 2015 with a … Stanford researchers wrote. JUUL’s launch is just one example of … advertisements for the launch of JUUL are just one example of how …

  9. As Youth E-Cigarette Use Soars Along with Vaping-related Illnesses, Urgent Action Must be Taken to Protect the Health of America’s Youth

    … by e-cigarette manufacturers like JUUL and the tobacco industry at … At recent congressional hearings , JUUL, through its own words … by funding summer camp programs. JUUL did not create a dominant …

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    How Big Tobacco is trying to makeover its image and protect its bottom line at the expense of public health

    … by market-leading e-cigarette JUUL. The most recent 2019 data shows … invested a $12.8 billion stake in JUUL, and, in September 2019, JUUL announced that an Altria …

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    E-cigarette CEOs admit under oath that they do not know all the harmful health effects of nicotine

    Chief executives of major e-cigarette companies admitted, under oath, that their products can lead to nicotine addiction and that they do not know all of the

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    Where does e-cigarette regulation stand today?

    E-cigarettes on sale today in the U.S. have not undergone a review of their public health impact through the FDA’s review process for tobacco products.