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    Menthol: Facts, stats and regulations

    Menthol makes cigarettes and other tobacco products easier to smoke — and harder to quit.

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    How the tobacco industry’s new products could be leading to more nicotine addiction

    Public health leaders and researchers joined Truth Initiative to discuss the proliferation of new tobacco products that threaten to reverse years of progress

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    5 keys to reversing the youth e-cigarette epidemic

    Here are some key takeaways about the action needed to end the youth e-cigarette epidemic.

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    How the tobacco industry is trying to infiltrate public health – and what we can do about it

    As cigarette sales decline, the tobacco industry is trying to rehabilitate its image with non-combustible tobacco products and claims that it can be part of

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  6. States still shortchanging prevention programs that save lives and health care dollars

    20 years after reaching a landmark legal settlement, states still spend only a small fraction of their tobacco revenue on prevention and quitting programs.

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    Colliding Crises: Youth Mental Health and Nicotine Use

    Two health crises among youth — a mental health crisis and a vaping epidemic — pose increasing threats to a generation of young people.

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    Flavored tobacco use among youth and young adults

    A Truth Initiative fact sheet explains how flavors play a significant role in drawing youth and young adults to tobacco products.

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    Gamechanger: Shifting from Tobacco Control to Ending the Industry’s Influence for Good

    The concept of “endgame” is a strategy to move to a time when commercial tobacco and nicotine use – with the exception of FDA-approved medications – are no l

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    Nicotine on demand

    Tobacco remains rampant in the year’s most popular shows, movies, and music videos, fueling the ongoing youth e-cigarette epidemic.

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    Tobacco’s starring role

    Tobacco imagery maintained its recurring and often starring role in popular on-screen entertainment in 2021