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To achieve a generation free of tobacco, Truth Initiative knows that individuals and organizations must be empowered to act in their communities. Learn more about how you can counter tobacco’s influence through summits, scholarships, studies, events and more. Let’s work together to give everyone in the U.S. the chance for a tobacco-free life.

What is your state doing about the leading preventable cause of death?

Do you know where your state stands when it comes to tobacco use and prevention?

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truth® community leaders, college leaders and ambassadors

Truth Initiative® trains and inspires young people to take action in their communities.

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Take Action

Want to be part of a social movement that empowers young people to be the generation that ends smoking for good? Join the cause and help us fight tobacco — whether that’s by signing a petition, testing your knowledge with a quiz or posting on social media. Every action counts!

Trying to quit smoking?

BecomeAnEX® is a free, digital quit smoking program hosted by Truth Initiative and developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic.

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How a group of Indiana youth is changing social norms around smoking

Grant recipients in Indiana are educating and engaging young people around the issue of tobacco use in movies

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Helping community colleges and HBCUs go tobacco-free

Truth Initiative Youtube

Q&A: Helping college campuses go tobacco-free

Nearly all smokers start before age 27, making college campuses critical partners to reduce tobacco use in the U.S.

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Be a part of our research

Our Schroeder Institute® conducts cutting-edge tobacco research. You can participate in studies that may help you quit smoking.

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unexpected ways tobacco affects youth

Did you know that smoking may also dull your taste buds, harm the environment, and even impact your sex life?

3 ways truth is creating the first tobacco-free generation

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partner with us

We cannot achieve a tobacco-free generation on our own. We need partners who share our commitment to ending the tobacco epidemic, and want to help reach as many people as possible with the truth about tobacco use and the tobacco industry. Learn more about how you can work with Truth Initiative.