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    When and where do nonsmokers encounter tobacco advertising?

    Tobacco advertising appears in many places where non-smokers can see it, potentially increasing their likelihood of starting to smoke.

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    2018 tobacco-free grants for minority-serving institutions, community and women’s colleges

    Truth Initiative is accepting applications for grants to women’s colleges, minority-serving academic institutions and community colleges to adopt tobacco-fre

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    4 things parents need to know about JUUL and nicotine addiction

    JUUL e-cigarettes are popular among youth because of their sleek appearance and appealing flavor, but many are unaware that JUUL packs a powerful nicotine pu

  4. The harmful impact of further delays in the FDA’s e-cigarette review

    Any extension should be brief, and tobacco companies cannot be allowed to use this public health emergency to continue avoiding their legal obligation.

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    Youth and young adults are the most at-risk of tobacco addiction

    Every day, thousands of young people try their first cigarette and new non-combustible products are making it easier for kids to experiment with tobacco.

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    Court victory means FDA must act fast to put graphic warnings on cigarettes

    A U.S. district court ordered the FDA to implement a requirement that graphic health warnings appear on cigarette packs and in advertising.

  7. Truth Initiative and EVERFI Collaborate to Launch Updated Prescription Drug Safety Curriculum for Middle and High School Students Amid Growing Youth Overdose Crisis

    This expanded, free digital course aims to equip students with essential knowledge to protect themselves and others from the risks associated with both presc

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    Discipline Is Not the Answer: Better Approaches to On-campus Student Tobacco Use

    As schools develop or revamp and modernize their smoke- or tobacco-free policies, we get many questions about what schools should do when students violate th

  9. Banning menthol cigarettes should be top priority for FDA

    There is overwhelming evidence that menthol is perpetuating the tobacco epidemic.

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    Pervasive tobacco imagery on screen endangers youth and demands action

    Truth Initiative is calling for a comprehensive set of policies to curb tobacco depictions on screens.

  11. Leading health organizations seek to intervene in defense of FDA rule on e-cigarettes, cigars

    Six leading public health organizations today asked federal courts to allow them to intervene in two lawsuits brought by the electronic cigarette and cigar i

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