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    5 ways tobacco is normalized in entertainment and pop culture

    As smoking becomes less socially acceptable and tobacco use rates continue to decline, entertainment media and pop culture don’t often reflect that reality,

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    How to support someone on their quit-vaping journey

    If someone you care about is quitting vaping, they will need extra support and encouragement from those around them.

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    A classroom crisis: How the youth vaping epidemic is impacting teachers

    As the youth vaping epidemic continues to surge, schools are playing a central role in confronting and addressing the crisis.

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    These 10 youth-serving groups want to get smoking off movie screens

    Ten youth-serving groups received grants from Truth Initiative® and Trinity Health to get rid of smoking in movies, one of the few places where it continues

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    Are selfies making smoking cool again?

    Big Tobacco gets a stream of free advertising from people on Instagram who post “smoking selfies,” images that may help tobacco companies recruit more young

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    Smoking in movies directly influences youth smoking rates

    As smoking becomes a less socially acceptable behavior, movies are one of the few places where it continues to be portrayed positively — as normal social beh

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    Twitter marketing on new heated tobacco products transforms into word-of-mouth conversations

    Twitter posts about new heated tobacco products like IQOS, Ploom, and Glo doubled in number and shifted from majority commercial tweets to majority organic p

  8. Monitoring the future reveals good and bad news underscoring need for education and regulation

    New data from the 2017 Monitoring the Future study show a drop in teen smoking, but may hide the true vaping rates due to awareness issues about nicotine.

  9. New Report Details Alarming Surge in Tobacco Imagery in On-Screen Entertainment Most Popular Among Youth and Young Adults

    Tobacco imagery is surging in shows, social media, music videos and movies — including nearly every Best Picture nominee at the 2024 Academy Awards

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    IQOS in the U.S.

    IQOS, a new electronic nicotine delivery device marketing itself as a high-tech, luxury product has entered the U.S. market.

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    Some video games glamorize smoking so much that cigarettes can help players win

    At a time when the dangers of glamorizing smoking are well known, many video game makers have not gotten the picture.

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    As Oscar season kicks off, tobacco imagery still pervades movies

    As youth vaping remains at epidemic levels, tobacco imagery in movies can contribute to an overall problem.