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Stay up to date on the latest statements, announcements and press releases from Truth Initiative. For media inquiries and information, contact us at [email protected] or 202-454-5561.

Press Release

2022 survey shows youth e-cigarette epidemic remains a serious public health threat

Over 2.5 million teens use e-cigarettes with nearly half (46%) of high schoolers who vape...

Press Release

Quit vaping program from Truth Initiative also helping 18- to 24-year-olds abstain from cigarette smoking

New study shows This is Quitting, a free and anonymous text message program to help...

Press Release

Truth Initiative names Elizabeth Kenny Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

Kenny will lead the truth campaign and the brand’s holistic suite of products and services...

Press Release

Truth Initiative calls on the FDA to immediately remove all unauthorized e-cigarettes including synthetic nicotine now on the market illegally to protect public health

Truth Initiative calls on the FDA’s leadership to immediately remove all synthetic nicotine products now...

Press Release

FDA’s reduced nicotine plan could be game-changer in tobacco epidemic

Today’s announcement on nicotine goes to the heart of the ongoing tobacco epidemic and addresses...