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  1. Health groups file suit to expedite FDA review of e-cigarettes, cigars

    The lawsuit asserts that a delay in product reviews violates the law and has kept kid-friendly tobacco products on the market for years.

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    Which social media sites do young adults use?

    The rapidly changing social media landscape highlights the need for public health messages to adapt to new sites and new ways of delivering content via socia

  3. Truth Initiative applauds FDA, DOJ for filing for permanent injunctions against six illegal e-cigarette manufacturers

    We applaud the FDA and DOJ for filing suits, for the first time, to bar six e-cigarette manufacturers from continuing to sell their products, which have been

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    Tobacco use in Virginia 2020

    An up-to-date look at tobacco use rates, tobacco control funding, tobacco laws, cessation statistics, and tobacco tax in Virginia.

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    Industry influencer: how tobacco content is infiltrating social media

    Tobacco content, including branded promotional content and misinformation about tobacco and nicotine, is commonplace on social media.

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    2017 Shorty Social Media Award



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    Pets & Animals


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    2019 Shorty Social Media Award

    Integrated Campaign

    The Truth About Opioids

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    Best multi-platform partnership

    Applying Logic

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    Smoking in Movies: 2020

    Tobacco imagery in youth-rated movies still exists.

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    Why is smoking still being glamorized in media and pop culture?

    Even as national smoking rates have declined to record lows, there has been a pervasive re-emergence of smoking imagery on screens.