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    How to support someone who wants to break up with their vape

    Parting ways with vaping can be difficult, and encouragement from friends and family can make a big difference.

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    Quitting vaping in 2024: Top tips and resources

    There are many reasons people want to quit vaping, including physical or mental health concerns, financial cost, freedom from addiction, and influence from f

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    Vaping prevention and quit resources: top tips for parents and educators

    Here are free resources that exist to help prevent youth e-cigarette use and help those already vaping quit.

  4. Truth Initiative and Kaiser Permanente Join Forces with EVERFI from Blackbaud to Teach Students About the Dangers of Vaping Cannabis

    Vaping: Know the truth and the new cannabis lessons are currently available to schools nationwide at no cost.

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    Vaping in the Workplace

    Regulations on vaping in the workplace are piecemeal at best, with less than half of states explicitly banning e-cigarette use in workplaces.

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    Concerns about health and mental health increasingly drive young people to quit vaping

    Young people enrolled in a quit vaping program from Truth Initiative cited health (56.1%) and social influence (15.8%) as their top reasons for quitting vapi

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    Straight to vape

    Study finds that youth and young adults with high exposure to popular streaming and TV shows containing tobacco images are three times more likely to start v

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    How does vaping nicotine impact sleep?

    The research shows that vaping nicotine is associated with sleep problems.

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    How to help your child quit vaping

    If you’re a parent trying to help a child quit using JUUL or other e-cigarette, here are some tips for how to start from the experts behind the evidence-base

  11. Quit Vaping Study

    Check to see if you’re eligible to participate in a clinical trial evaluating a new quit vaping program developed by Truth Initiative.

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    What should educators do if they catch students vaping at school?

    Here are suggestions for how best to address student tobacco use in school.