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Press Release

New TikTok challenge kicks off national truth® campaign underscoring young people’s desire to ditch JUUL and quit vaping

truth is launching its latest youth e-cigarette education campaign, “Ready to Ditch JUUL.”

Press Release

Truth Initiative Announces Clinical Trial to Evaluate Its Youth Quit Vaping Program

Truth Initiative launched the first-ever national randomized trial to evaluate its quit vaping program for...

Press Release

New Report: As Youth E-Cigarette Epidemic Worsens, States Continue to Shortchange Prevention Programs That Could Help

New report challenges states to do more to fight tobacco use – still the nation’s...

Press Release

Truth Initiative® Awards First-Ever truth IMPACT Scholarships for Speaking Out About the Youth Vaping Epidemic

Truth Initiative announced today that Ally Harrison of Baytown, Texas and Carlos Magdaleno of Santa...

Press Release

Television, Print and Social Ad Campaign Calls on President Trump to Put Kids’ Lives Above Tobacco Industry Profits

Public health advocates urge administration to issue guidance prohibiting all flavored e-cigarettes.

Press Release

Trump Administration Should Not Exempt Vape Shops or Any Flavors from Its Plan to Clear the Market of All Flavored E-Cigarettes

The Trump Administration may be backing away from its plan to clear the market of...

Press Release

Trump Administration Must Put Kids Before Juul and Take Mint/Menthol E-Cigarettes Off the Market

A failure to remove mint and menthol e-cigarettes from the market would be a capitulation...

Press Release

Why JUUL’s decision to pull ‘all’ flavors deserves no praise

JUUL has stopped selling fruity and dessert-flavored pods, but mint and menthol — among the...