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Press Release

On the State of Racial Injustice in America

Statement of Robin Koval, CEO and President, Truth Initiative

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All of us at Truth Initiative are profoundly saddened by the tragic and senseless deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, along with so many before them in a long history of racist violence. We believe racism and police brutality have no place in America or anywhere in the world and stand with Black Lives Matter. This is a time of great uncertainty and intense pain with so many people deeply impacted by the inequities in our society on a daily basis. As an organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting our nation’s most vulnerable populations, Truth Initiative is committed to be agents of change and to stand against racial injustice and discrimination.

For many of us, it can feel like more than we can bear amidst the other terrible trial we have endured over the past several months due to the pandemic and the fear it has brought for our health, financial security, the well-being of our families and our children’s future. Knowing that the virus has also disproportionately sickened and taken the lives of people of color is just one more example of the systemic racism in America.  

We also understand that words alone are not enough.  At Truth Initiative, we pledge to make this a time of new dialogues and thoughtful actions, to make sure our actions match our words both internally and in our communities, and to live up to our values of courage, curiosity, collaboration and commitment. We know that diversity and inclusion make us stronger, and that social justice, equity and unity are the path we must and will always follow.

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