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  1. New report shows that e-cigarettes can both harm and help the smoking epidemic

    A National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report outlines the evidence-based consensus on the health consequences of e-cigarettes.

  2. Tobacco and pharmacies don’t mix: Truth Initiative attends annual Walgreens shareholder meeting

    Truth Initiative Attends Annual Walgreens Shareholder Meeting where the organization will again ask the company to reconsider selling tobacco products.

  3. truth® zombies invade Walgreens to protest sale of tobacco products

    A zombie-themed demonstration outside of Walgreens’ Washington, D.C., flagship store symbolized the consequences of smoking and protested its sale of tobacco

  4. Played: This year’s video games glamorize tobacco use to youth

    Participants in a new survey of video game players said they felt tobacco or nicotine was portrayed negatively in only 6.5 percent of games where tobacco use

  5. Monitoring the future reveals good and bad news underscoring need for education and regulation

    New data from the 2017 Monitoring the Future study show a drop in teen smoking, but may hide the true vaping rates due to awareness issues about nicotine.

  6. Our Team

    Robin Koval

    Robin Koval is CEO and President of Truth Initiative®, the national public health organization dedicated to achieving a cu

  7. truth® campaign successful in saving lives and preventing youth smoking

    Exposure to the award-winning truth campaign prevented more than 300,000 U.S. youth and young adults from becoming smokers during 2015-2016.

  8. Big Tobacco finally forced to tell the truth about its deadly products through court-ordered ads

    The tobacco industry has begun publishing advertisements, or “corrective statements,” outlining the truth about the deadly and harmful effects of cigarettes.

  9. Truth Initiative announces new General Counsel

    Truth Initiative announced the appointment of Robert Falk as General Counsel.

  10. Philip Morris announcement to spend nearly $1 billion to end smoking sounds like fake news

    The tobacco industry creating a foundation to end smoking is an affront to public health advocates who have been working tirelessly to end the tobacco use ep

  11. Leading health groups demand film industry give R rating to movies that depict smoking

    A coalition of health organizations has demanded that movie producers and distributors apply an R rating to all films that include depictions of smoking or t

  12. truth asks if it is just business or is it exploitation

    A new campaign from truth® exposes the tobacco industry’s exploitation of individuals with mental health conditions and members of the military.