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Where we stand: Little cigars, cigarillos and cigars

Truth Initiative’s mission is to achieve a culture where all youth and young adults reject tobacco. Consistent with Truth Initiative’s vision of a future where tobacco is a thing of the past, we support the following policies with regard to little cigars, cigarillos, and cigars:

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  • Given their well-documented appeal to youth, all flavors, including menthol, should be eliminated from little cigars, cigarillos and other cigar products.
  • The marketing of all cigar products should be restricted so that it does not target or appeal to youth.
  • Sales of all cigar products should be limited to those 21 or older.
  • Internet and other non-face-to-face sales of cigars should be prohibited.
  • All cigar use should be subject to smoke-free laws and requirements.
  • We support taxation proportional to the harms of each type of tobacco product to discourage use of the most harmful products (e.g. combusted tobacco). As highly harmful combustible tobacco products, little cigars, cigarillos and other cigar tobacco products should be taxed at the highest rate.
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