Since their introduction in the United States market, awareness, interest, and use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) has steadily grown. ENDS, also called vape pens, personal vaporizers, e-hookahs, e-pipes, and e-cigars, among other names, are battery-operated devices that produce an aerosol (vapor) instead of smoke.

We’ve summarized the truth about ENDS including existing science on patterns of use of ENDS, the health and safety of ENDS, and the effectiveness of ENDS as a method for smoking cessation. We also address common perceptions of ENDS, the appeal and impact of flavors, marketing and advertising of ENDS, and public policy measures proposed and currently in effect to regulate their use.

Regulation of ENDS is essential to ensure they are as safe as possible and that individual and population benefits are maximized while harms are minimized, and that youth do not use ENDS. We’ve also laid out where we stand on ENDS as a policy matter.

ENDS are a rapidly changing technology.  As the products and regulatory environment develop, so may the facts. We will continue to monitor those developments and update our fact sheets and positions to incorporate the newest and best knowledge available.

Infographic of facts about e-cigarettes