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Rapid increase in e-cigarette ad spending in 2014

A review of e-cigarette advertising expenditures in the U.S. during 2014 found that the introduction of the MarkTen product by Altria contributed to a 52 percent increase in e-cigarette advertising spending from 2013 to 2014.

$35 Million

In 6 months Altria’s MarkTen spent $35 million in advertising, to become the top spender on e-cigarette advertising

Despite not launching until mid-2014, the MarkTen brand reached $35 million in advertising, surpassing the former industry leader, blu, which spent $30 million on advertising that year. MarkTen ads highlighted the product’s high tech design, but some ads included young adults having fun while using the product – a common element seen in other major e-cigarette brand advertisements.

The introduction of a new e-cigarette brand backed by a major tobacco manufacturer, the significant increase in e-cigarette advertising spending, and the inclusion of young adult imagery in advertisements highlight the importance of e-cigarette advertising regulation and the need for increased surveillance of e-cigarette advertising expenditures and content in order to understand the potential reach to youth and young adults.

Key takeaways


E-cigarette advertising spending for 2014 totaled $88.1 million, a 52 percent increase from 2013.


MarkTen’s advertising expenditures for 2014 were $35 million, largely from June through December.


The blu e-cigarette brand spent $30 million on advertising during 2014.


E-cigarette advertisements employed themes that may appeal to youth and were featured in magazines that reach millions of young people.