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Stop the Influence: Reject Big Tobacco and Vape Money

Truth Initiative and the African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council, Black Women’s Health Imperative, and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids are calling on organizations to reject funding and partnership from tobacco and vaping companies. Sign the pledge!


What is the pledge?

Stop the Influence: Reject Big Tobacco and Vape Money organizes youth-serving, environmental, social and racial justice, and public health organizations; college and university leaders; faith groups; and cultural institutions to join forces to reject funding from or any form of partnership with tobacco and vaping companies and expose donations for what they are: another industry public relations tactic.

Stop the Influence, which is a partnership between the African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council (AATCLC), Black Women’s Health Imperative, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, and Truth Initiative, is answering the call from hundreds of young leaders and activists from across the country who joined together in November 2020 for Moment of Truth, a virtual gathering to speak out against tobacco and vaping companies and hold them accountable for the harmful effects they’ve had on public and mental health, the environment, and social justice.

Pledge FAQ

Why should groups sign the pledge?

The tobacco industry has a long history of shamelessly protecting profits at the expense of people’s lives. Central to the tobacco industry playbook is targeting groups – especially young people, African Americans and low-income populations – to recruit as “replacements” for the thousands who die each year from tobacco use. Companies use strategic contributions and alliances with organizations and public leaders to help protect business interests, ward off stricter regulation and improve its image among existing and prospective customers.

These tactics continue today and are intensifying as the tobacco industry rolls out and aggressively markets flashy new electronic and flavored products to grow its market while trying to rebrand its image with large-scale public relations investments disguised as public health, community, and environmental initiatives.

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