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The American public’s opinion of Big Tobacco

The tobacco industry has a long history of shamelessly protecting its profits at the expense of people’s lives. As e-cigarettes put a new generation at risk of nicotine addiction, tobacco companies are mounting a campaign to try to transform their image with non-combustible tobacco products and claims that they can be part of the “public health solution” to end smoking.

In partnership with Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, Truth Initiative conducted a national survey of registered voters ages 18 and older about their views of the tobacco industry and tobacco use from October 17-28, 2020. A total of 1,583 voters – including 400 African American voters and 400 voters ages 18-24 – were surveyed by cell, landline, and text-to-online.

According to the survey, here is what was learned about the American public’s opinion of Big Tobacco.

8 in 10 adults are concerned about the use of flavors to attract youth to vaping, including most current and former e-cigarette users

Majority of adults surveyed want non-profits to reject Big Tobacco money

Most Black voters distrust the tobacco industry and nearly all are concerned about youth vaping

Young adults see through Big Tobacco’s deceitful e-cigarette marketing