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Dave Dobbins

Chief Operating Officer

Truth Initiative


As Truth Initiative’s chief operating officer since 2007, Dave Dobbins has provided operational and strategic leadership for the organization. Over the years, he has helped to develop the organization’s reputation as a leader both in tobacco regulatory practice and as a steadfast advocate for policies that increase health equity in tobacco control. He frequently represents the organization’s policy positions at conferences and in the press.

Dobbins began working for Truth Initiative in 2002 as its associate general counsel. In this role he helped with the successful defense of the organization against the Lorillard Tobacco Company’s effort to shut down the truth® youth smoking prevention campaign by claiming the ads “vilified” cigarette makers.

Before joining Truth Initiative, he was part of the team that defended high-profile tobacco industry whistleblower Dr. Jeffrey Wigand from claims brought against him by the Brown & Williamson tobacco company.

In short, Dobbins is a leader who doesn’t shy away from taking on important causes when it’s to protect people’s lives.

Truth Initiative