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    LGBTQ Infographic

    LGBTQ young adults, 18-24, are nearly 2x as likely to smoke as their straight peers.

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    One trend that’s changing Pride festivals for the better

    More pride festivals across the country are showing how the tobacco industry is not their ally.

  3. Truth Initiative Urges Swift Action to Prevent Delay in Removing Menthol and Cigar Flavors, Citing Serious Health Implications

    We cannot afford to wait any longer for the menthol and flavored cigar rules to be enacted.

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    Old tactics, new products: how big tobacco targets women in e-cigarette marketing

    The tobacco industry’s aggressive targeting of women – in addition to young people, Black Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ individ

  5. New research underscores need for FDA take action on misleading packaging

    Nearly 64 percent of Natural American Spirit smokers inaccurately believe the cigarettes are less harmful, compared to 8.3 percent of smokers of other brands

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  8. Our Team

    Robert Falk

    Throughout his career, Robert Falk’s legal expertise has helped advance important health care and social causes.

  9. EX Program from Truth Initiative announces new AI-driven recommender engine for tobacco cessation

    For the first time, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven program is being deployed to help adults nationwide quit smoking, vaping, and using nicotine.

  10. Truth Initiative and CVS Health launch program to make HBCUs and community colleges tobacco-free

    Truth Initiative® and the CVS Health Foundation are joining together to work with students and administrators at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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    #STOPPROFILING: Tobacco is a social justice issue

    The tobacco industry deliberately singles out communities that already face adversity and inequality with aggressive marketing tactics that equal profiling.<