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    How the tobacco industry markets vaping nicotine as stress relief

    Some vape manufacturers are using a similar strategy to market e-cigarettes that tobacco companies used for decades to sell cigarettes: advertising them as s

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    Nicotine use and stress

    Vaping nicotine can increase anxiety symptoms and stress levels.

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    Tips for quitting tobacco during times of stress

    Stress and anxiety related to the COVID-19 pandemic can present challenges for any tobacco user who is trying to quit, but these challenges are manageable wi

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    Breath of Stress Air is calling a vape what it truly is

    Breath of Stress Air expands the latest campaign from truth, It’s Messing with Our Heads, which exposed nicotine’s role as a contributor to the worsening you

  5. truth debunks myth that vaping nicotine relieves stress

    The new Breath of Stress Air effort busts the fantasy that vaping nicotine is a stress reliever and calls the tobacco industry out for promoting e-cigarettes

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    Young people share how nicotine use affected their stress

    Many young people who know the cycle of nicotine withdrawal from vaping firsthand have shared with truth what it’s like.

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    3 important things to know about quitting nicotine during times of stress

    Nicotine use – whether through smoking or vaping – can increase stress levels, and quitting nicotine can improve mental health.

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    Stress cited as top barrier to quitting for young adult smokers

    More than half of young adult cigarette smokers say that losing the ability to handle stress and withdrawal or cravings are barriers to quitting smoking, acc

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    Many young people turn to nicotine to deal with stress, anxiety and depression, but don’t know it may be making them feel worse

    A large majority of young people who have used e-cigarettes started vaping because of feelings of stress, anxiety or depression, and many continue vaping to

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    3 myths about mental health and quitting nicotine

    When it comes to nicotine and mental health, there are some common myths that can bring about challenges and questions.

  11. truth Elevates Gaming Experience With Minecraft Creator Tournament on Twitch

    truth recently organized a charitable gaming tournament that united some of Minecraft's most popular creators and pro players.

  12. Truth Initiative & Mojo Supermarket’s anti-vaping effort scoops the US Grand Effie at the 2023 Effie Awards

    Truth Initiative and Mojo Supermarket’s “Depression Stick + Breath of Stress Air,” with contributing agencies Gale, Allegiance Group, and Crux Research, was