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Schroeder Institute

The Truth Initiative Schroeder Institute® conducts cutting-edge tobacco control research to improve practice, policy, and our nation’s public health. Using a transdisciplinary “team science” approach, more than 25 staff and seven Research Investigators work collaboratively to strengthen tobacco control using innovative scientific methods.

As a national leader in prevention research, regulatory science, practice and policy, the Schroeder Institute produces original research as well as conducts and commissions “hot button” rapid research; convenes, coordinates, and communicates stakeholder efforts; serves as a tobacco control resource center; and effectively synthesizes scientific evidence in key priority areas to inform national policy.

Research at the Schroeder Institute focuses on reducing smoking prevalence through study of population based public education campaigns and tobacco-related policy and communications projects.

Schroeder Institute researchers are currently working on a variety of projects funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Our research articles are published in peer-reviewed journals, and cover topics as diverse as: youth prevention – including prevention of escalation of use; patterns of use of new and emerging tobacco products; and mentholated cigarette use and policy.