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FAQs about This is Quitting

Is quitting vaping the same as quitting smoking?

Since nicotine is what is addictive in e-cigarettes, quitting e-cigarettes is similar — but not 100% the same — as quitting regular cigarettes or other tobacco products. But vaping is a different experience than smoking, and many individuals who use e-cigarettes do not consider themselves smokers, which may make traditional quitting programs not as applicable.

Is it free?

Signing up for the program is completely free! 

Do you have resources for parents?

Parents can sign up to receive messages about helping their young person by texting QUIT to (202) 899-7550. This service is free to parents.

Can I sign my child up/can I sign my child up without them knowing?

We understand that you may feel desperate to help your child, and we want them to live an addiction-free life, too! The parent resources available at can help guide you in supporting your child. Teens and young adults must sign up for the program on their own; there is not a way to sign another person up to receive messages.

As a school, can I use the program as part of our disciplinary action plan?

We strongly discourage schools from using our program as a form of punishment for students who are caught vaping. We want this program to be a tool that teens and young adults can use to help them quit, even if they aren’t quite ready to set a quit date or commit to quitting yet.

I’m a student who wants to help inspire my peers to live tobacco-free lives. What can I do?

First off, we want to commend your interest in helping your peers live healthier lives! Go to to learn about the latest opportunities to help create the first tobacco-free generation.

I want to promote the free program. Do you offer free promotional resources?

Yes! Please email [email protected] to request free promotional materials that you can print and make available.