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    What does a tobacco “endgame” mean?

    Ending commercial tobacco use would require a huge societal shift, yet support for this vision is already gaining momentum

  2. News Article News Article Research & Resources

    An end to commercial tobacco use? Public health experts weigh in

    The “endgame” strategy to move toward the end of commercial tobacco and nicotine use, except medications approved by the FDA, is gaining momentum

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    Gamechanger: Shifting from Tobacco Control to Ending the Industry’s Influence for Good

    The concept of “endgame” is a strategy to move to a time when commercial tobacco and nicotine use – with the exception of FDA-approved medications – are no l

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    6 takeaways from a new report on ending commercial tobacco use

    We must act now, build on the progress we have made, and take strides to achieve a future where all Americans have the right to live free from tobacco and ni