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#NoMentholMonday: How menthols create challenges for smokers who want to quit

The targeted marketing of menthol cigarettes to African American smokers creates unique challenges when it comes to helping those smokers quit, according to LaTroya Hester, communications director at the National African American Tobacco Prevention Network.

Hester provided Truth Initiative with an analysis as part of #NoMentholMondays:

Simply put, menthol can make smoking easier to start and harder to quit.

The tobacco industry has disproportionately marketed menthol to Black communities, adjusting the price of the product and associating menthols with Black culture. Whatever the challenges, African Americans must stay in the fight to quit smoking – today and every day. Organizations such as NAATPN and the American Lung Association offer resources and information about menthol that can help Black people to quit and #makesmokinghistory.