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Unvaping America's Youth

In this latest Impact Series event, “Unvaping America’s Youth,” we explore our holistic approach to reverse the epidemic, including the important role of parents and educators, and hear real-life stories about what it’s like to vape and quit e-cigarettes today. We also spotlight results of a new clinical trial, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, that demonstrates the effectiveness of the free and anonymous text message program This is Quitting and begins to fill an important gap in understanding how to help young people quit.

July 13, 2021 | On Demand
Impact Series Unvaping America's Youth

Despite the tobacco industry’s insistence to regulators that e-cigarettes are intended for and marketed to adult smokers, youth and young adults continue to vape at the highest rates. The latest National Youth Tobacco Survey found that nearly one in five high school students (19.6%) use e-cigarettes, nearly 40% of them (38.9%) every day or almost daily. Youth e-cigarette use remains at epidemic levels, driven by a huge shift in the use of disposable e-cigarettes, which come in many sweet and fruity flavors, and menthol e-cigarettes – two product categories exempted from federal restrictions put in place in 2020.

Jamie Ducharme, health correspondent at TIME and author of the recently published book “Big Vape: The Incendiary Rise of Juul,” leads a panel discussion with public health experts, former vapers, and tobacco prevention advocates.

About This is Quitting

To enroll in This is Quitting, teens and young adults text DITCHVAPE to 88709. The first messages they receive will ask for their age and product usage so that they are able to receive relevant messages. Users receive one age-appropriate message per day tailored to their enrollment date or quit date, which can be set and reset via text message.

Those who are not ready to quit receive at least four weeks of messages focused on building skills and confidence. Users with a quit date receive one week of messages prior to that date and at least eight weeks of messages after their quit date. Throughout the program, users can text COPE, STRESS, SLIP or MORE to receive instant support. Upon completion of the program, users receive periodic text messages from truth® and may continue to use supportive keywords for as long as they like.

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