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Amy Taylor

Chief Development and Engagement Officer

Truth Initiative


Amy Taylor is a seasoned advocate and leader, currently serving as the Chief Development and Engagement Officer at Truth Initiative. With over two decades of dedicated service in public health advocacy and education, Taylor spearheads fundraising initiatives and cultivates strategic partnerships to amplify Truth Initiative's impact. Her commitment to community and youth engagement is evident in her efforts to empower young voices and effect meaningful change. Taylor leads a team to broaden the organization's reach by expanding resources to grow cessation and policy programs and amplify the voices of youth, creating a platform for authentic dialogue and impactful advocacy. 

Taylor’s extensive background in public health advocacy positions her as a trailblazer in the field. Throughout her career, she has successfully led advocacy campaigns, demonstrating a unique ability to engage and mobilize advocates while building strong coalitions. Her strategic approach has not only raised awareness but has also translated into tangible results, making a significant impact on public health policies. 

A proven expert in resource mobilization, Taylor has a track record of securing substantial funds from donors, philanthropies, and organizations. Her ability to articulate the importance of public health initiatives has garnered vital support, allowing Truth Initiative to implement and expand its programs effectively. With a passion for creating a tobacco-free future and a wealth of experience in advocacy, fundraising, and partnership engagement, Taylor stands at the forefront of the battle against tobacco, embodying Truth Initiative's commitment to health, education, and community empowerment. 

Prior to joining Truth Initiative, Taylor spent more than a decade in key leadership roles at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, most recently as the chief external affairs officer. Over the course of her tenure, she built PPFA’s political program into the powerhouse it is today, developed strong relationships with key influencers and stakeholders to generate support and partnerships for the organization, provided strategic expertise and guidance to local chapters in how to effectively run political and advocacy campaigns, and was a key leader in building a movement of more than 10,000,000 supporters. Taylor also worked with political and public affairs consulting firms with a focus on legislative affairs and government relations as a researcher with the Center for Responsive Politics.

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