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Vine stars debunk social smoking myths with truth

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Vine stars have an important message: no matter how much or how little you smoke, Big Tobacco gets paid every time you light up, so don’t get played! Logan Paul, Christian DelGrosso, Allicattt and Jerry Purpdrank  have teamed up with the award-winning truth®campaign to produce a series of 15-second advertisements that spread truth’s life-saving messages to a teen audience.

Social smoking—e.g. only smoking with friends, only smoking on the weekend, or just lighting up at parties—is not a casual or harmless activity. Every puff is dangerous and addictive: half of teens who try cigarettes in college are still smoking four years later. In the ads, Logan Paul, Christian DelGrosso, Allicattt and Jerry Purpdrank debunk popular myths surrounding social tobacco smoking that can lead teens and young adults to underestimate the dangers of light or intermittent smoking. The new video series - Big Tobacco Be Like - will debut during the season finale of “Fear the Walking Dead” and premiere of “The Walking Dead,” which air on October 4th and 11th respectively.

“Whether they're saying it out loud or not, some people are often the ‘I only smoke when I drink’ or ‘I don’t smoke alone’ types,” said Jerry Purpdrank. “But, just like we point out in the videos, every time you light up—whether you bought that pack or not—you’re helping put cash in the pockets of Big Tobacco."

“I’ve seen firsthand the dangerous effects of tobacco, and I know that a lot of young people still think smoking is a casual and harmless activity,” said Allicattt. “I wish teens understood that even alternative and seemingly “harmless” forms of tobacco—like hookah or flavored cigars—are still bad for you. There are so many marketing ploys out there to make us believe that these are ok for us to consume, but in reality, it’s still smoking, and all smoking is harmful.”

Since the launch of the truth campaign in 2000, teen cigarette use has dropped from 23% to just 8%. In recent years, however, teen smoking as a whole has remained static due to the use of emerging products like hookah. These newest videos are part of truth’s Finish It campaign that empowers smokers and nonsmokers alike to make this the generation that ends tobacco use by giving teens the facts, sharing progress in the fight against the tobacco epidemic and providing tools teens can use to creatively combat Big Tobacco on their own. Big Tobacco Be Like follows the debut of It’s A Trap, which premiered on the broadcast of the MTV Video Music Awards and introduced the dangerous realities of social smoking. It’s a Trap has already been viewed more than 51 million times, and teens are encouraged to keep sharing that ad along with the new Big Tobacco Be Like videos with #BigTobaccoBeLike. They can find more opportunities to help #FinishIt by following the truth campaign @truthorange.

“We love working with Viners like Logan, Christian, Allicattt and Jerry because they become our co-creators and co-directors,” said Eric Asche, chief marketing officer at Truth Initiative. “They understand how to connect with people, and knowing they personally feel strongly about this generation ending smoking keeps their message authentic."

The Finish It campaign and new video series - Big Tobacco Be Like - created by Truth Initiative and truth’s agency of record 72andSunny. Media planning and buying for the Finish It campaign and new video series - Big Tobacco Be Like - is handled by Assembly, truth's media agency of record. Both agencies are part of MDC Partners.

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