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Truth Initiative believes that every individual has the right to live in a world free from tobacco dependence. The Innovations center within Truth Initiative is dedicated to designing, building and marketing novel digital products for quitting and prevention. Our programs center around online social networks, text messaging and web and mobile applications. Revenue generated by the Innovations programs supports other work at the organization.

EX Program

Smokers need more than just a wellness program; they need specialized tobacco addiction treatment designed to fit their daily lives and preferences. With the EX Program, smokers can connect with experts and peers however they want, whenever they want, for as long as they need. The EX Program delivers proven cessation treatment via interactive quitting tools and video, expert chat, text message, email, and an active social network of thousands of smokers and ex-smokers. Our fully-digital program is accessible, engaging and effective.

The EX Program also provides strategy consultation, organizational co-branding, and detailed reporting on member enrollment and engagement. For employers and health plans of any size, the EX Program also helps meet requirements for wellness programs under the Affordable Care Act. The EX Program fills a gap in the commercial market, which consists largely of general wellness programs that lack the expertise and focus to fully engage smokers and help them quit for good.

The EX Program has helped more than 800,000 smokers on their journey to a tobacco-free life and is recommended by 93 percent of smokers who participate. Research from a federally-funded study shows that smokers who follow the EX plan have a four times greater chance of quitting than average. The EX Program will help countless more smokers beat tobacco addiction, allowing organizations to reduce the financial and health burdens of smoking.

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This Is Quitting

Young adult smokers are a challenging audience to reach and engage with effective quit smoking programs, even though the majority are interested in quitting and attempt to quit. This is Quitting (TiQ) is one of the few resources available designed specifically for young adult smokers.

TiQ is a mobile quit smoking program based on our extensive research with young adults. It is comprised of a free mobile app available on Android and iOS to users over 17 and a companion text messaging program available free on any mobile device to users ages 13 and older. It includes a variety of unique features proven to engage young adults such as “challenges” to stay smoke-free in different circumstances and user-generated content aggregated from Tumblr, Twitter and other social media platforms. Smokers receive daily text messages tailored to their sign-up date or quit date and learn about nicotine replacement therapy in language that speaks to them. Users can receive on-demand support for cravings and relapse.

Our novel approach has exciting potential for organizations working in a shared mission to address smoking before young adults become established adult smokers. This is Quitting may be customized for specific young adult audiences, and includes detailed analytics and reporting for partner institutions. Truth Initiative has partnered with community colleges and historically black colleges and universities to bring TiQ to college campuses. We also provide a customized version of the TiQ text message service to Alaska’s Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation to support a population where smoking rates are 29 percent among 11- to 14-year-olds and 63 percent among 15 to 18-year-olds. Other partnerships include the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and research teams across the U.S.

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Our research

The Innovations team is grounded in rigorous research methods, innovative software development approaches and a passion for continuous learning. We are committed to advancing the science of digital quit smoking interventions and sharing our findings with the scientific community and other industry leaders. We collaborate with partners across academia, industry and health care to conduct cutting-edge research and disseminate our findings back into real-world settings.

Web and Internet interventions for quitting – particularly those that leverage online social networks – have enormous potential to reach millions of smokers who might not otherwise access cessation treatment. The core focus of our research is on maximizing the impact of digital quit smoking programs to reduce smoking prevalence on a population level.

Our team is funded by the National Institutes of Health across several projects related to digital interventions for smoking cessation. Our work has investigated how online health communities can help people quit smoking, what makes smokers stick with an online program and integrating a digital quit smoking program into lung cancer screening, to name a few.

Below are some of the federally-funded projects our team is currently working on:

Innovations team

The Innovations team encompasses nationally recognized expertise in tobacco control treatment, research and policy; marketing and sales; client service and support; software development, and business operations. Our approach capitalizes on and extends traditional academic research by incorporating rapid prototype development, iterative testing and refinement throughout the intervention development lifecycle. We don’t just build products; we are continually learning and folding what we learn back into our quit smoking tools.

The team is led by Amanda L. Graham, PhD, senior vice president of Innovations and a research investigator at the Schroeder Institute for Tobacco Research and Policy Studies. We have an exceptional team of in-house software engineers, data science and web analytics professionals, project and program managers and dedicated online community managers. Our sales, marketing and client teams bring a wealth of experience providing tobacco cessation and wellness services to hundreds of health plans, employers and government entities throughout the U.S. Our team members are seasoned professionals that have been specifically dedicated to tobacco control for many years. Building and implementing world class cessation programs is our passion and our singular focus.