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Youth Leadership

Enlisting and empowering youth and young adults is an important part of the movement to make tobacco use a thing of the past. Truth Initiative® trains and inspires young people to take action in their communities as truth® community leaders, college leaders and ambassadors.

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Community leaders

Community leaders are young adults who are trained to educate and mobilize youth and young adults in their communities on local and national tobacco control issues. They receive a stipend and are located in or near Atlanta, Nashville or Indianapolis.

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College leaders 

College leaders are students at schools who have received a grant from the Truth Initiative Tobacco-Free College Program and undergo training in tobacco prevention campaigns and leadership development. During the grant period, college leaders help develop and lead engagement, educational and advocacy activities to educate and organize their peers on campus and build a movement to become a tobacco-free campus.

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truth® Ambassadors 

truth® Ambassadors have previous experience with tobacco control advocacy and are especially passionate about making their communities tobacco-free and mobilizing their peers to achieve this goal. Ambassadors receive financial support to create and promote projects that inspire tobacco-free communities.

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