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Michael Amato

Research Investigator & Methodologist

Truth Initiative

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Dr. Michael Amato is Methodologist for the Innovations center at Truth Initiative, and a research investigator with the Truth Initiative Schroeder Institute. His background is in behavior change communication, tobacco control policy, and quantitative methods.

His research uses rigorous quantitative methods to investigate how online smoking cessation programs can best help smokers quit, with particular focus on the relationship of program engagement with successful quitting. He leads the data team that supports and evaluates Truth Initiative’s digital cessation programs including The EX Program, BecomeAnEX and This is Quitting.

Dr. Amato is also Assistant Professor of Medicine (Adjunct) at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. He received his PhD in psychology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He originally came to Truth Initiative as an Ellen R. Gritz Postdoctoral Scholar, after a previous postdoctoral fellowship at ClearWay Minnesota.

Other active positions

Research Investigator

Truth Initiative Schroeder Institute®

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Adjunct)

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science