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truth Experiential Learning & Mobilization Program

The Truth Experiential Learning & Mobilization program is a youth focused skills-based learning experience that prepares a national network of young people with activism tools and strategies to mobilize their peers for tobacco and vape prevention.

We do this by: 

  • Empowering communities and organizations to use positive youth development strategies that prioritize peer to peer learning. 
  • Mobilizing and engaging youth to navigate the activism eco-system through experiential learning followed by direct pathways for application. 
  • Creating opportunities to engage in relevant skill building activities that increase knowledge of activism tactics and strengthen ability to co-create movements.
Training activists group social

How does the Experiential Learning & Mobilization Program function?

The program is delivered peer to peer by Youth Facilitators. These well trained facilitators are best positioned to reach their peers and foster honest, authentic, and relatable dialogue about the challenging reality of rejecting tobacco and vaping.  

The Mobilization and Engagement program has 2 main components: 

  1. Direct Youth Programming- interactive micro-learning engagement experiences for youth and young adults in schools, communities, coalitions, retreats, and conferences led by trained  peer mobilization facilitators. 
  2. Capacity Building for Youth-Adult Partnerships- skills-based training for youth serving institutions and organizations who directly support young people on issues across the tobacco prevention network such as vaping, nicotine addiction, menthol and passing smoke-free policies. engagement across the tobacco prevention network.

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