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  1. New report shows that e-cigarettes can both harm and help the smoking epidemic

    A National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report outlines the evidence-based consensus on the health consequences of e-cigarettes.

  2. Federal Judge Rules FDA Acted Illegally in Delaying Required Review of E-Cigarettes, Cigars

    … tobacco products like e-cigarettes is at an epidemic level and rising,” … the plaintiffs 14 days to tell him what remedial action they want him to … market, including products like Juul that have fueled the youth …

  3. Tobacco industry allies launch outrageous attack on FDA efforts to protect kids, save lives

    … Release Youth e-cigarette use is a skyrocketing epidemic and needs … These attacks must be seen for what they are: An orchestrated effort … nation. E-cigarettes, especially Juul, threaten to addict a new …

  4. Report Report Research & Resources

    Action needed on e-cigarettes

    Endorsing the important public health strategy of harm minimization, Truth Initiative supports a number of policies with regard to e-cigarettes.

  5. News Article News Article Research & Resources

    Action needed: Tobacco in pop culture

    Despite a 1998 law prohibiting paid tobacco product placements in movies and TV programming, tobacco imagery is still seen on screens everywhere, including m

  6. States still shortchanging prevention programs that save lives and health care dollars

    … been driven by the popularity of Juul, a sleek, high-tech e-cigarette that is small and easy to hide, comes in … among all populations.” “We know what it takes to prevent and reduce …