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    High-nicotine e-cigarettes may reverse declines in youth tobacco use

    … comparable to cigarettes — like  JUUL  and the many  similar products … drugs. The earlier someone is exposed to nicotine in … facts, stats and regulations What is JUUL? Sep 21 2018 Without …

  2. Monitoring the future reveals good and bad news underscoring need for education and regulation

    New data from the 2017 Monitoring the Future study show a drop in teen smoking, but may hide the true vaping rates due to awareness issues about nicotine.

  3. Truth Initiative® Awards First-Ever truth IMPACT Scholarships for Speaking Out About the Youth Vaping Epidemic

    … Harrison, 18, from Baytown, Texas, is a former vaper-turned-activist. … e-cigarette manufacturers like JUUL to treat their generation like … blanketed with smoke clouds. What can start off as one hit can end …

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    Where does e-cigarette regulation stand today?

    E-cigarettes on sale today in the U.S. have not undergone a review of their public health impact through the FDA’s review process for tobacco products.

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    6 important things to know about IQOS, the new heated cigarette product

    The FDA decided in April that Philip Morris International can now begin marketing and selling a heat-not-burn device called IQOS, the first product of its ki

  6. After approving IQOS, FDA must fully use its powers to protect youth

    The FDA must live up to its promise to monitor the use of IQOS and ensure it gets into the hands of smokers looking to quit cigarettes completely and not fue

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    6 key takeaways from the new FDA plan on e-cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products

    … and flavored e-cigarettes  like  JUUL  and its  many copycats  — all … Scott Gottlieb said the agency is advancing a “policy framework that … core of the epidemic — flavors.” What exactly is the plan proposing to …

  8. FDA takes steps on flavored e-cigarettes, but leaves youth at risk for addiction

    … how and where they are sold, is a step in the right direction — … these products are safe and do what they promise. With youth … because of  e-cigarettes like JUUL  and aggressive  competitors …

  9. New report shows that e-cigarettes can both harm and help the smoking epidemic

    A National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report outlines the evidence-based consensus on the health consequences of e-cigarettes.

  10. Federal Judge Rules FDA Acted Illegally in Delaying Required Review of E-Cigarettes, Cigars

    In a major victory for public health a federal judge has ruled that the FDA acted illegally when, in 2017, it allowed e-cigarettes to remain on the market un

  11. Tobacco industry allies launch outrageous attack on FDA efforts to protect kids, save lives

    … Release Youth e-cigarette use is a skyrocketing epidemic and needs … These attacks must be seen for what they are: An orchestrated effort … nation. E-cigarettes, especially Juul, threaten to addict a new …

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    Action needed on e-cigarettes

    … of e-cigarettes; includes JUUL, Suorin, and Vuse Conversely, as … (November 2019), the country is experiencing an outbreak of vaping … before going to market. Given what we now know about how …