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    Why the rise in youth e-cigarette use may be worse than we think

    Accurately measuring rates of youth vaping is challenging because of the varieties of products and their rapid growth in recent years.

  2. Swift action needed to address youth e-cigarette ‘epidemic’

    The FDA's plan to tackle the youth e-cigarette "epidemic" is a significant and much needed step, but they must take action quick to protect yo

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    High-nicotine e-cigarettes may reverse declines in youth tobacco use

    Without stronger regulation, e-cigarettes that can deliver nicotine at high levels could undo years of progress if young people become addicted to nicotine.<

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    E-cigarettes: Facts, stats and regulations

    … E-cigarettes / Vaping Flavors IQOS JUUL e-cigarettes the truth about e-cigarettes … WHAT IS AN E-CIGARETTE? … E-cigarettes are …

  5. Monitoring the future reveals good and bad news underscoring need for education and regulation

    … for 12 th -grade students is under 10 percent – a milestone … because young people may not know what they are inhaling. For example, … electronic nicotine device called JUUL has become extremely popular …

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    Where does e-cigarette regulation stand today?

    E-cigarettes on sale today in the U.S. have not undergone a review of their public health impact through the FDA’s review process for tobacco products.

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    6 important things to know about IQOS, the new heated cigarette product

    The FDA decided in April that Philip Morris International can now begin marketing and selling a heat-not-burn device called IQOS, the first product of its ki

  8. After approving IQOS, FDA must fully use its powers to protect youth

    … of a youth e-cigarette epidemic is concerning, especially when this … youth uptake to ensure that the JUUL history of addicting a new … President … RELATED MATERIALS: … What are “heat-not-burn” cigarettes? …

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    6 key takeaways from the new FDA plan on e-cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products

    To curb the access and appeal of tobacco, the FDA is advancing a plan to address the core of the epidemic — flavors.

  10. FDA takes steps on flavored e-cigarettes, but leaves youth at risk for addiction

    … how and where they are sold, is a step in the right direction — … these products are safe and do what they promise. With youth … because of  e-cigarettes like JUUL  and aggressive  competitors …

  11. New report shows that e-cigarettes can both harm and help the smoking epidemic

    A National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report outlines the evidence-based consensus on the health consequences of e-cigarettes.

  12. Federal Judge Rules FDA Acted Illegally in Delaying Required Review of E-Cigarettes, Cigars

    In a major victory for public health a federal judge has ruled that the FDA acted illegally when, in 2017, it allowed e-cigarettes to remain on the market un