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    4 things parents need to know about JUUL and nicotine addiction

    … and public education regarding the risks for young people." Detecting … increase the risk of young people smoking cigarettes. RELATED MATERIALS …

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  3. Leading health organizations seek to intervene in defense of FDA rule on e-cigarettes, cigars

    … people.” A 2009 law, the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco …

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    One-third of parents had no awareness of JUUL at start of youth e-cigarette epidemic

    … increase the risk of young people smoking cigarettes and change brain … are using it as a way to quit smoking. Of the 15% of adult tobacco …

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    Youth fellows gain support for a tobacco-free Howard University

    Truth Initiative youth activism fellows gathered more than 300 signatures from Howard University students at an orientation event to build support for a camp

  6. truth confronts JUUL and other e-cigarette manufacturers in new campaign, ‘Tested on Humans’

    … highly effective  truth ® youth smoking prevention campaign, is … in reducing youth cigarette smoking, rates of e-cigarette usage … a role in helping some adults quit smoking completely, few adult users …

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    When and where do nonsmokers encounter tobacco advertising?

    Tobacco advertising appears in many places where non-smokers can see it, potentially increasing their likelihood of starting to smoke.

  8. The harmful impact of further delays in the FDA’s e-cigarette review

    Any extension should be brief, and tobacco companies cannot be allowed to use this public health emergency to continue avoiding their legal obligation.

  9. Washington task force includes tobacco prevention and control in cancer moonshot recommendation

    … of cancer deaths are caused by smoking. That means that supporting … U.S. Surgeon General’s report on smoking and health in 1964, it is … at least 8 million fewer premature smoking-caused deaths. Several …

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    Is fear of gaining weight getting in the way of quitting tobacco?

    It’s true that many smokers put on weight after they quit, but understanding why can help you beat the odds.

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    3 key messages from CDC’s tobacco education campaign

    … raise awareness of the dangers of smoking through real stories of people living with smoking-related diseases and … long-term health effects caused by smoking and secondhand smoke …

  12. Banning menthol cigarettes should be top priority for FDA

    … makes it more difficult to quit smoking. In the five years since …