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    5 takeaways from the congressional hearings on JUUL and the youth e-cigarette epidemic

    Using the company’s own testimony and documents, the hearings provided startling evidence of JUUL’s use of Big Tobacco’s tactics to target young people.

  2. Graphic Cigarette Warnings Proposed by FDA Are Long Overdue, But Agency Must Meet March 2020 Deadline to Finalize Them

    The graphic cigarette health warnings proposed by the FDA are a critical and long-overdue step forward in the nation’s battle against tobacco use.

  3. Truth Initiative announces new General Counsel

    Truth Initiative announced the appointment of Robert Falk as General Counsel.

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    A blueprint for tobacco control in indigenous communities

    While American Indian and Alaska Native communities have a history of traditional tobacco practices, they’ve also been hit hard by the commercial tobacco ind

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    Young activist focuses on helping the homeless population live tobacco-free

    Truth Initiative® fellow Kelsey Magill is working to help youth and young adults experiencing homelessness in Washington, D.C., live tobacco-free lives.

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    Deeming authority: Deadly serious and seriously outraged

    We had a bit of fun last week on April Fool’s Day, imagining that the deeming regulations that establish the Food and Drug Administration’s authority over “o

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    Spinning a new tobacco industry: How Big Tobacco is trying to sell a do-gooder image and what Americans think about it

    How Big Tobacco is trying to sell a do-gooder image and what Americans think about it

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    5 things FDA should do about JUUL e-cigarettes

    … is putting a generation at risk of nicotine addiction and … for adults who want to quit smoking, and the legal age of …

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    Tobacco Nation: An ongoing crisis

    … decline in the overall U.S. smoking rate during the last two … … 21% of Tobacco Nation’s adults smoke, compared with just 15% of … number and frequency of cigarettes smoked, it is both dismaying and …

  10. 51 health groups urge administration to defend and enforce FDA rule for e-cigarettes, cigars

    Fifty-one leading health groups today urged the current administration to defend and fully implement the 2016 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rule establi

  11. Natural tobacco agreement fails to protect the public from misleading claims and imagery

    Truth Initiative and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids today criticized as wholly inadequate an agreement reached between the Food and Drug Administration (

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    Action needed: Youth and marijuana

    … use is linked to increased risk of psychiatric disorders … substance use disorders. Frequent smoking of marijuana increases the … and vaping. This rationale for smoke-free policies should also lead …