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  1. 51 health groups urge administration to defend and enforce FDA rule for e-cigarettes, cigars

    Fifty-one leading health groups today urged the current administration to defend and fully implement the 2016 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rule establi

  2. Natural tobacco agreement fails to protect the public from misleading claims and imagery

    Truth Initiative and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids today criticized as wholly inadequate an agreement reached between the Food and Drug Administration (

  3. States can help finish the fight against tobacco by boosting funding for tobacco prevention

    The states are missing a golden opportunity to save millions of lives and billions of dollars in health care costs because they continue to shortchange prove

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    The latest information on JUUL: 8 important things to know

    … cell functioning and increase the risk of young people smoking cigarettes. In fact, young … four times more likely to go on to smoke cigarettes than their peers who …

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    Why the rise in youth e-cigarette use may be worse than we think

    … brain development and increase the risk of young people smoking cigarettes. But accurately …

  6. 56 Health and Other Organizations Back Trump Administration Plan to Remove Flavored E-Cigarettes from the Market

    56 public health, medical, parent, educational and other organizations expressed strong support for the Administration’s plan to remove flavored e-cigarettes

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    The importance of tobacco taxes

    … including per-capita consumption, smoking rates and the number of cigarettes smoked daily. These effects apply …

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    While you were streaming

    … young people aged 15-24 depict smoking prominently. Tobacco use in … nearly half (42 percent) of adults smoked cigarettes. Leading men and …

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    JUUL fails to remove all of youth’s favorite flavors from stores

    … quitting and are at higher risk for addiction to other … than four times as likely to begin smoking cigarettes  within 18 months …