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    Hollywood still struggling to quit smoking in youth films

    Nearly half of the top-grossing, PG-13 films released in 2015 featured tobacco imagery, and independent studios are responsible for a greater share of smokin

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    A lot of youth think they aren’t vaping nicotine, but is that true?

    Even though nearly all e-cigarettes sold in regular retail stores contain nicotine, the majority of youth e-cigarette users think they vape only flavoring.

  3. New study raises concerns that youth vaping nicotine may reverse declines in other drug use

    New research provides compelling evidence that the youth e-cigarette epidemic, which is increasing overall youth tobacco use to a rate unseen in nearly two d

  4. New surgeon general’s report highlights the need for evidence-based quit programs, deems e-cigarettes not a cessation tool

    The surgeon general’s report on tobacco cessation underscores the need to help Americans who smoke and the millions of teens using tobacco products, primaril

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    E-cigarettes as accessories: How vaping companies market products as stylish

    The advertisements for the launch of JUUL are just one example of how e-cigarette companies position their products as trendy and fashionable.

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    New research will explore ways to help heavy drinkers quit smoking

    Researchers at the Schroeder Institute® for Tobacco Research and Policy Studies at Truth Initiative have been awarded a grant from Brown University and the N

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    #NoMentholMonday: How menthols create challenges for smokers who want to quit

    The targeted marketing of menthol cigarettes to African American smokers creates unique challenges when it comes to helping those smokers quit, according to

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    Smoking and mental illness: Meet the doctor helping patients quit

    Hear from Dr. Steven Schroeder about why smoking among those with mental illness is a social justice issue that needs attention.

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    Where we stand: DOT bans vaping on airplanes

    Use of e-cigarette and vaping products has outpaced tobacco control regulations, and the products remain unregulated by FDA pending the completion of deeming

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    Vaping Lingo Dictionary: A guide to popular terms and devices

    This resource presents a list of popular words, phrases, products and general language used to refer to vaping/e-cigarette use.

  11. FDA Action on Disposable E-Cigarettes is a Strong Step Forward and Underscores Need for Comprehensive Regulation of All Types of Flavored Vaping Products

    We applaud the FDA’s action against the makers of Puff Bar and nine additional disposables e-cigarette manufacturers to remove their flavored disposable e-ci

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    Research finds tobacco imagery on TV and streaming shows drives youth vaping

    Truth Initiative research is the first to show the link between exposure to tobacco content in episodic content on streaming, broadcast and cable platforms a