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    A classroom crisis: How the youth vaping epidemic is impacting teachers

    As the youth vaping epidemic continues to surge, schools are playing a central role in confronting and addressing the crisis.

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    IQOS in the U.S.

    IQOS, a new electronic nicotine delivery device marketing itself as a high-tech, luxury product has entered the U.S. market.

  3. Truth Initiative Announces Clinical Trial to Evaluate Its Youth Quit Vaping Program

    Truth Initiative launched the first-ever national randomized trial to evaluate its quit vaping program for young people.

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    Colorful and close to candy: Surveying how the tobacco industry markets flavored products in stores

    A survey of tobacco retailers in two major Ohio cities highlights how the tobacco industry uses an array of in-store marketing to make its products enticing

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    Fewer than half of young people aware of connection between vaping and COVID-19 risk

    The new campaign from truth is working to change misperceptions about e-cigarette use and the risk of testing positive for COVID-19.

  6. Federal Judge Rules FDA Acted Illegally in Delaying Required Review of E-Cigarettes, Cigars

    … market, including products like Juul that have fueled the youth …

  7. FDA Review of E-Cigarettes Is As Critical as Ever – Any Delay Related to COVID-19 Must Be Brief

    FDA review is critical due to skyrocketing youth use of e-cigarettes and concerns that smoking and vaping may increase risk of severe complications from COVI

  8. Trump Administration Should Not Exempt Vape Shops or Any Flavors from Its Plan to Clear the Market of All Flavored E-Cigarettes

    The Trump Administration may be backing away from its plan to clear the market of all flavored e-cigarettes as well as allowing the continued sale of flavore

  9. In Public Health Win, Federal Court Sets 10-Month Deadline for E-Cigarette Makers to Apply to FDA to Keep Products on the Market

    A federal judge set a deadline of May 12, 2020, for e-cigarette manufacturers to apply to the FDA and submit their products for public health review if they

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    Action needed on e-cigarettes

    Endorsing the important public health strategy of harm minimization, Truth Initiative supports a number of policies with regard to e-cigarettes.

  11. As Teen Smoking Rate Hits Historic Low, Youth Tobacco Use Hits Record High Derailing Years of Progress and Putting a New Generation at Risk

    The youth smoking rate has fallen to just 3.7%, but e-cigarettes have put millions of teens on a path to nicotine addiction with a largely unregulated produc

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    How colleges can help their students quit vaping

    As e-cigarette use among young people continues to escalate, colleges and universities are grappling with how to address vaping on campus.