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  1. Truth Initiative Announces Clinical Trial to Evaluate Its Youth Quit Vaping Program

    Truth Initiative launched the first-ever national randomized trial to evaluate its quit vaping program for young people.

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    Colorful and close to candy: Surveying how the tobacco industry markets flavored products in stores

    A survey of tobacco retailers in two major Ohio cities highlights how the tobacco industry uses an array of in-store marketing to make its products enticing

  3. Federal Judge Rules FDA Acted Illegally in Delaying Required Review of E-Cigarettes, Cigars

    In a major victory for public health a federal judge has ruled that the FDA acted illegally when, in 2017, it allowed e-cigarettes to remain on the market un

  4. In Public Health Win, Federal Court Sets 10-Month Deadline for E-Cigarette Makers to Apply to FDA to Keep Products on the Market

    A federal judge set a deadline of May 12, 2020, for e-cigarette manufacturers to apply to the FDA and submit their products for public health review if they

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    Action needed on e-cigarettes

    Endorsing the important public health strategy of harm minimization, Truth Initiative supports a number of policies with regard to e-cigarettes.

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    How colleges can help their students quit vaping

    … other names for devices, such as JUUL, and verbs such as “vape,” and …

  7. As Teen Smoking Rate Hits Historic Low, Youth Tobacco Use Hits Record High Derailing Years of Progress and Putting a New Generation at Risk

    The youth smoking rate has fallen to just 3.7%, but e-cigarettes have put millions of teens on a path to nicotine addiction with a largely unregulated produc

  8. Tobacco industry allies launch outrageous attack on FDA efforts to protect kids, save lives

    … nation. E-cigarettes, especially Juul, threaten to addict a new …

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    Action needed: Tobacco in pop culture

    … tobacco product brands, such as JUUL, are some of the most … use and perceptions of JUUL among youth and young adults. …

  10. States still shortchanging prevention programs that save lives and health care dollars

    20 years after reaching a landmark legal settlement, states still spend only a small fraction of their tobacco revenue on prevention and quitting programs.