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    How Big Tobacco is trying to makeover its image and protect its bottom line at the expense of public health

    As the youth e-cigarette use epidemic intensifies, the tobacco industry is undertaking a massive publicity effort to convince people it has turned over a new

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    E-cigarette CEOs admit under oath that they do not know all the harmful health effects of nicotine

    … Commerce questioned the CEOs from JUUL, Logic, NJOY, Fontem Ventures … congressional hearings examining JUUL’s role in the youth e-cigarette … In October 2019, a protest outside JUUL’s Washington, D.C., office …

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    Where does e-cigarette regulation stand today?

    E-cigarettes on sale today in the U.S. have not undergone a review of their public health impact through the FDA’s review process for tobacco products.

  4. Health groups file suit to expedite FDA review of e-cigarettes, cigars

    The lawsuit asserts that a delay in product reviews violates the law and has kept kid-friendly tobacco products on the market for years.

  5. The Trump Administration’s New E-Cigarette Policy Is Sadly Deficient Leaving Menthol and Flavors Like Cotton Candy and Gummy Bear on the Market Placing Politics Ahead of the Protection of America’s Youth

    The administration’s e-cigarette policy favors the very industry that has ensnared a new generation with nicotine and wrongly keeps menthol and other youth-a

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    Nicotine content in e-cigarettes more than doubled in 5 years

    … September 2018, a 182.3% increase. JUUL, the top-selling e-cigarette … two-thirds —  63 percent — of JUUL users between 15 and 24 years … high-nicotine e-cigarettes — like JUUL and the many  similar products …

  7. Truth Initiative® Awards First-Ever truth IMPACT Scholarships for Speaking Out About the Youth Vaping Epidemic

    Truth Initiative announced today that Ally Harrison of Baytown, Texas and Carlos Magdaleno of Santa Ana, California are the inaugural winners of the truth Im

  8. Young People Celebrate What Quitting Vaping Means to Them in New truth® #ThisIsQuitting TikTok Challenge

    As momentum around quitting e-cigarettes mounts, truth is inspiring young vapers to get creative with a TikTok challenge and an innovative resource to quit.<

  9. Study reveals major victory on teen smoking but a ticking time bomb as youth vaping numbers explode

    … of e-cigarettes, primarily via JUUL, risks a reversal of our … the top-selling e-cigarette JUUL continues to take a page out of … recently, reports indicate that JUUL is developing new products that …

  10. FDA proposes needed action on menthol, but falls short to stem youth e-cigarette epidemic

    The agency's plans to take action on menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars are significant, but the proposed sales restrictions on e-cigarettes are not

  11. FDA must stop sales of all flavored products and restrict marketing and sales to protect kids

    It is a positive step that the FDA recognizes the critical role flavors play in the skyrocketing youth use of e-cigarettes and is planning action to reduce t

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