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    Quit vaping program sees high enrollment and engagement, as thousands seek help amid youth e-cigarette use epidemic

    … 20 days or more in the past month. JUUL , the popular e-cigarette that … a need the program is filling. JUUL and similar devices seem to be …

  2. Less is more when it comes to the FDA’s game-changing nicotine reduction plan

    The agency’s stand on nicotine goes to the heart of the problem and addresses it at its core — dismantling a product that has been engineered to be as addict

  3. Federal Judge Rules FDA Acted Illegally in Delaying Required Review of E-Cigarettes, Cigars

    … market, including products like Juul that have fueled the youth …

  4. In Public Health Win, Federal Court Sets 10-Month Deadline for E-Cigarette Makers to Apply to FDA to Keep Products on the Market

    A federal judge set a deadline of May 12, 2020, for e-cigarette manufacturers to apply to the FDA and submit their products for public health review if they

  5. Tobacco industry allies launch outrageous attack on FDA efforts to protect kids, save lives

    This attack is an orchestrated effort by the tobacco industry and its political allies to protect the industry’s profits at the expense of our nation’s child

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    Action needed on e-cigarettes

    Endorsing the important public health strategy of harm minimization, Truth Initiative supports a number of policies with regard to e-cigarettes.

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    Action needed: Tobacco in pop culture

    Despite a 1998 law prohibiting paid tobacco product placements in movies and TV programming, tobacco imagery is still seen on screens everywhere, including m

  8. States still shortchanging prevention programs that save lives and health care dollars

    … been driven by the popularity of Juul, a sleek, high-tech e-cigarette …