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    Tobacco and the environment

    … E-cigarette cartridges, such as JUUL pods, are single-use products … waste and the environment 3 ways JUUL harms the environment   Mar 8 …

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    JUUL fails to remove all of youth’s favorite flavors from stores

    While the maker of JUUL is halting in-store sales of some sweet and fruity flavors, they will continue selling one of the flavors that is most popular with y

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    Few adults start using JUUL to quit smoking, new study finds

    Of the 15% of adult smokers who have tried JUUL, only about one-third used the product to quit smoking.

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    New study: Only 3% of adult smokers used JUUL to quit in past year

    A new Truth Initiative study published in Tobacco Control found that only 3% of adult smokers who attempted to quit in the past year used JUUL as a quit meth

  5. Health groups urge FDA to investigate JUUL for making unauthorized smoking cessation claims

    Six leading public health and medical organizations today called on the FDA to investigate and take enforcement action against JUUL for making unauthorized c

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    JUUL e-cigarette craze highlights why flavored tobacco products are so dangerous

    Cigarettes came in flavors like berry, vanilla, margarita and many others until 2009, when federal lawmakers banned them — with the exception of menthol — du

  7. Public Health Groups Call on FDA to Deny Authorization of Sale For JUUL E-Cigarette Products

    We call upon the FDA to take a strong stand for public health by denying products that do not meet the statutory requirement that manufacturers prove their p

  8. truth confronts JUUL and other e-cigarette manufacturers in new campaign, ‘Tested on Humans’

    truth is directly confronting the role JUUL and other e-cigarette manufacturers have played in fueling the youth vaping epidemic through a new campaign title

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    Teens are 16 times more likely to use JUUL than older age groups

    While the maker of the e-cigarette JUUL claims it is “only for adults,” teenagers are more likely to use the device than older age groups.

  10. JUUL e-cigarettes gain popularity among youth, but awareness of nicotine presence remains low

    A new study reveals that while many young people know what JUUL is, there is low awareness that the product always contains the addictive chemical nicotine.<

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    JUUL sales increase more than 600% in a year, underscoring popularity among teens

    Sales increased 641% in just one year, from 2.2 million devices sold in 2016 to 16.2 million devices sold in 2017.

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    Most teachers and administrators can’t identify JUUL, making it hard to combat use in school

    Fewer than half of teachers and administrators could accurately identify a picture of JUUL, according to a Truth Initiative study, making it difficult to con